Tene Wells Consulting Project

Creating financial freedom for Maasai Women


The Nasaru Organization, based in the Manyara Region of Tanzania, is dedicated to supporting women who face significant challenges. These women, constrained by cultural norms, lack the freedom to choose their own life partners and are often compelled to marry elderly men. Consequently, when their husbands pass away, they find themselves without any means to provide for their children or secure their own livelihoods. Recognizing the urgent need to overcome these intergenerational and cultural hardships, the women of the Nasaru Organization have sought the assistance of Tene Wells Consulting. As a dynamic and innovative consulting firm specializing in supporting non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Tene Wells Consulting is committed to helping organizations raise funds, operationalize their programs, and achieve long-term stability. Our primary objective is to empower the women of the Nasaru Organization, enabling them to care for their children and advocate for their families' well-being. To achieve this, we propose the establishment of a bank and micro-enterprises that will generate resources, uplift families from poverty, and foster economic independence. Through these initiatives, we aim to provide the women with the necessary tools to break free from the cycle of dependence and create sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their children. By leveraging our expertise in fundraising, program implementation, and organizational development, Tene Wells Consulting will work closely with the Nasaru Organization to devise strategies that address the unique challenges faced by these women. Together, we will embark on a journey of transformation, promoting empowerment, economic stability, and social progress within the Manyara Region.

President Bush meets Maasai women

Executive Summary

This business plan outlines the goals and strategies of Tene Wells Consulting to create economic independence first in Tanzania and then in other marginalized communities. We believe we can bring about significant economic development and create a transformative impact that positively changes lives through the work of Tene Wells Consulting and Social Benefit Corporations Incubation. We are seeking financial support through a crowdfunding campaign to fund our exploratory visit to Tanzania in July 2023. By contributing to our cause, you will help cover travel expenses, materials, technology, and fees. We will keep you updated on our progress through social media and our website, tenewells.com


Our mission is to empower women to provide for their children and advocate for their personal, families and communities well-being. We aim to create a bank and micro-enterprises that generate resources, lifting families out of poverty and fostering economic independence.


We envision a future where women have the tools and resources necessary to break free from their current circumstances. Through economic empowerment and sustainable initiatives, we seek to create a lasting impact that not only benefits the local community but also serves as a guiding force for communities of African descent worldwide.

Once we assess the viability of the businesses, we will create a structure to host them while we build the capacity of the owners to operate the business.  The next round of investments in Tanzania will raise the funding to buy raw materials and equipment, develop marketing strategies, testing and finally a successful launch. Once in operation the business centers will make continuous improvements, grow other businesses.

The Maasai woman have suggested the following:

  • Creating a bank to provide access to financial services such as savings accounts, loans, and financial literacy training.
  • Developing an online platform or e-commerce website to significantly expand the market for the Maasai women's cultural beading.
  • Buying cattle for milk production can provide a sustainable source of nutrition.  Milk can be sold at local markets or transformed into other dairy products such as cheese or yogurt.
  • Buying motorcycles to rent out to community members can improve transportation access within the Maasai community and create employment opportunities.

Enhanced Knowledge and Expertise

Engaging with the Nasaru Organization and their unique challenges will provide us with valuable firsthand experience in addressing complex social and economic issues. By developing a deep understanding of the cultural and societal dynamics at play, we can refine our consulting strategies and tailor our services to effectively support other NGOs and organizations facing similar challenges. This expanded knowledge and expertise will give us a competitive edge and attract more clients seeking specialized consulting services.

We will also strengthen our ability to form partnerships. Collaborating with the Nasaru Organization will enable us to build strong partnerships within the Manyara Region and beyond. Through this partnership, we can establish relationships with other local NGOs, government agencies, and key stakeholders, fostering a network of support and collaboration. These partnerships will not only enhance our reputation but also open doors to new business opportunities and potential clients in the region.

Once we have proven our capability and gained insights from working closely with the Nasaru Organization we will develop innovative solutions and expand our service offerings. For example, the establishment of a bank and micro-enterprises presents an opportunity to create a new line of services focused on financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, and economic development. By diversifying our service portfolio, we can attract a broader range of clients and position ourselves as a comprehensive consulting firm in the field of social impact and sustainable development.

An enhanced reputation and visibility gained form partnering with the Nasaru Organization and working on a project with a clear social impact will enhance our firm's reputation and visibility within the development sector. The successful implementation of this project will serve as a testament to our capabilities and commitment to driving positive change. This increased visibility will attract more clients, strategic partners, and funding opportunities, enabling us to further grow our business.

By capitalizing on the learning opportunities presented by the Nasaru Organization project, we will strengthen our capacity to deliver impactful consulting services, expand our service offerings, forge valuable partnerships, and elevate our reputation in the field. This growth will position us as a leading consulting firm, enabling us to attract clients, secure funding, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of communities worldwide.

Our business aims to raise funds through various channels to cover expenses and become profitable. To start, we will raise $25,000 through individual contributions and crowdfunding. By sharing our story on social media and leveraging our network, we will engage with individuals who resonate with our mission and are willing to support our cause financially.

Additionally, we will actively seek partnerships with key international foundations that align with our vision. Through grant applications and engaging with potential PRI (Program-Related Investment) investors, we aim to secure early production and systems funding estimated at $100,000. These funds will provide the necessary resources to kickstart our operations and establish a solid foundation.

To ensure ongoing financial sustainability, the women involved in our initiative will establish a bank and make personal deposits. These funds will then be invested in microenterprises, generating profits that can be used to repay the loans. As the businesses start to thrive and the loans are being repaid, the women will have the opportunity to make additional deposits and earn dividends from the profits generated.

By combining various funding sources, engaging with the community, and implementing a sustainable banking model, we are confident in our ability to raise the necessary funds and establish a profitable business model that benefits the women involved and contributes to their economic empowerment.

Meet the Team

Tene Wells

Tene Wells is a remarkable individual who has dedicated her life to making a positive impact on society. As a highly creative and results-driven social entrepreneur, she firmly believes that every individual has the potential to create the life they envision. Tene’s own life and experiences serve as a testament to the boundless possibilities that can be achieved, even for a black girl born in a housing project in North Minneapolis.

Throughout her career, Tene has demonstrated exemplary leadership and spearheaded various organizations that have achieved remarkable results. She has been actively involved in initiatives that facilitate the reunification of fathers and children, invest in small businesses in underprivileged communities, support children’s educational success, and empower organizations and communities to build assets.

Upon reaching retirement age, Tene transitioned into the role of a Social Entrepreneurial Muse, aiming to inspire creative ambitions for financial and personal freedom. Through her consulting company, Tene Wells Consulting and Social Benefit Corporation, she assists individuals in creating new lives, transforming organizations, starting and growing businesses, and generating innovative solutions to tackle complex problems. Her overarching goal is to help people realize their potential and open their hearts and minds to the possibilities of living the lives they aspire to.

In this project, Tene will develop the skills and knowledge required to create a social benefit consulting firm with the ability to raise capital. Our objective is to build capacity and expertise in order to unlock economic opportunities and maximize the impact, profits, and personal satisfaction derived from this endeavor.

This focus will require developing a deep understanding of the social impact landscape, identifying potential clients and partners, and establishing a strong network within the industry. Furthermore, I will explore innovative approaches to raising capital. I will identify potential investors, pitch the services and potential of the Maasai women, and articulate the value proposition, highlighting the positive impact it can create.

Anna Moinan Shinini

Anna Moinan Shinini is the executive director of Narau. Coming from the indigenous pastoralist Maasai community of Simanjiro district, located on the outskirts of Tarangire National Park, her educational background in business administration has driven her passion for indigenous women rights and development in Tanzania.

2005 Anna lead establishment of Emusoi centre with goal of supporting Maasai girls to access quality education through her leadership the centre manage to recruit over 500 girls which 30% manage to best universities in the country and 15% percent joined moderate universities and the rest joined vocational trainings which all manage to brough toungible results and make the institute to became among the best in the region.

In 2022 Anna together with other potantial women leaders in Simanjiro decided to establish community grassroot organization NASARU to support community on women rights, property rights, economic empowerment and education support for young students from poor families around the organizational working area.

Justin Splinter

Justin Splinter is an accomplished freelance and contract graphic designer and web developer, creating identities for a wide variety of organizations, from nonprofits to government programs. I bring a unique blend of creativity, technical expertise, and organizational skills to every project. I have successfully collaborated with Tene on multiple endeavors, and any time I can utilize my skillset to bring some change and good in the world, I’m all in. My role in this project is to best harness the many talents Tene and Keiona bring, by leveraging technology, branding, website development, photography, and eventually an e-commerce website that will help the Maasai women reach their micro-enterprise goals.

Emmanuel Takie Sangale

Emmanuel Takie Sangale is a university graduate with computer science degree focusing in the field of software project management. I am very passionate in making a difference in my local community since I grew up there and now hoping to use all my skills and efforts to help push further in both economic and social aspects.

In this project i will play a role of a program manager by management of all digital platforms and tools used to collect record and store all data, as well as generating reports and feedback on all activities that will conducted throughout the entire lifetime of the project.