Face to Face Values Selection Survey

Face to Face has provided vital services to young people in the Twin Cities since 1972 when we opened as a walk-in crisis counseling center and medical clinic for youth. Today our services also include specialized support for youth experiencing homelessness. Our youth community is 85% BIPOC and 95% of our client’s report being at or below 200% of the federal poverty guideline. While some may see the challenges our clients face as individual barriers, we know that these challenges are caused by maldistribution of resources and by racist and classist societal structures.

The skills, experiences, and identities of our staff are also key to our ability to work with clients in culturally responsive ways. Staff have a shared value for anti-racism, and cultural responsiveness is part of staff development and performance reviews. During hiring, we ask applicants about their understanding of systemic racism and its impact on BIPOC. We are also intentional about establishing and maintaining an environment of cultural respect. Over the years we have supported thousands of marginalized young people to secure stable housing, improve their mental health, receive life-trajectory-changing medical care, and more.

Our website lists 9 evidence-based guiding principles that inform our youth-focused services. We would like to also have value statements that conveys the values and priorities of the organization, defines our culture, how we treat each other, and work with our partners and community.

This survey is now closed. Thank you.

Review each of the value words listed below and select 10 words that are most important to you. We will tabulate everyone's suggestions and draft value statements with the top 10 words. Next week we will send you a second survey for your input.