Commit to growth

Fellowship Application Coaching

A Fellowship is an opportunity to build your capacity to gain academic and pragmatic skills and experiences to fulfill a professional and or personal vision. In the past five years, Tene Wells Consulting has helped people receive fellowships from the Bush, Echoing Green, and Mac Artur Foundations. 

For a fee of $500, you will receive the following:

2 group workshops

Held via Zoom in July (16th or 19th) and September (10th or 13th), these two group sessions will function to orientate and kickoff the program, and wrap things up in September.

Three 1-on-1 coaching sessions

Three 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Tene via Zoom, along with debrief assignments. These sessions and assignments will help you formulate and write your fellowship

Two rounds of editing

Includes two revisions. Additional fees for extra coaching sessions, editing, and writing apply.

Two payment options are available:

  • option 1: save 5% when paying full amount today ($475 vs $500)
  • option 2: 50% today ($250), and remaining $250 due in August.