2021 Vision Board Workshop


Time for new beginnings. Create a 2021 Vision Board. Tap into the power of your imagination to find greater clarity about your goals and purpose to manifest the life you want to live. You can send the PDF to as many friends as you like. Host a family or friends on zoom and share the experience.

The 2021 Vision Board Workshop is a 25-page PDF for $25 that includes instructions, prompting questions and tips for creating a tool to a plan and enrich the next year.

Plus, after you purchase the vision board workshop, get a $250 coaching session for only $100, including:

  • A 90-minute conversation to review of your vision board
  • Follow up exercises and readings to help you advance your plans.
  • Access to a network of resources for support.
  • 15% coaching discount for the 3/8/12 coaching sessions to help you actualize your plan


And, as always, send me a note to learn more about getting into your purple spot.