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Something brought you here today. Perhaps you are seeking ways to increase your income, enhance your career, and or refire how you work and live. Are you feeling stuck and want to make some positive changes in your life. Or you want to bring peace and harmony into you work, life and community. Whatever your motivation is, welcome.

Getting started

Create a vision board

$20 for package

A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on specific life goal. It is a great way you keep you motivated, on track and encouraged. Simply, a powerful visualization tool that manifest your dreams into reality by activating the Law of Attraction.

Your time is valuable and the simple, guided steps that Tene has developed for creating a vision board for your life, leadership or to create or grow a business.

You will learn:

  • To use your intuition
  • The Law of Attraction and how to apply the principles for results
  • Practical Steps to create a powerful Vision Board
  • Ongoing encouragement to believe in your vision & invite a state of gratitude

Upon purchase, you will receive a vision board workshop PDF
and accompanying vision board video

New Beginnings

Vision Board Workshop

$25 for Instant Workshop Download

Time for new beginnings–create a vision board. Tap into the power of your imagination to find greater clarity about your goals and purpose to manifest the life you want to live. You can send the PDF to as many friends as you like. Host a family or friends on zoom and share the experience.

The Vision Board Workshop is a 25-page PDF for $25 that includes instructions, prompting questions and tips for creating a tool to a plan and enrich the next year.

Vision Board Coaching Session

Get a $250 Coaching Session for only $100!

Once you complete the vision board workshop, take the next step and purchase a coaching session at the special price of $100 with Tene to further manifest your vision. This coaching session includes:

  • A 90-minute conversation (via Zoom or phone) to review and discuss your vision board
  • Follow up exercises and readings to help you advance your plans.
  • Access to a network of resources for support.
  • 15% coaching discount for Tene’s coaching packages to help actualize your plan
Tene's 2021 vision board
Commit to growth

Coaching Services

Coaching evokes a commitment to live a life consistent with your deepest purpose and vision. Through a process of discovery and prioritization you develop long term sustainable strategies to advance personal mission, reach financial goals, start, and grow your business and live an authentically purposeful life.

Through intensive inquiry, the corporate, nonprofit, or business leader realizes possible solutions, gains new perspectives on issues, finds new sources of capital, and improves overall leadership. Relationships with shareholders, stakeholders, employees, and the community are strengthened. Leaders identify ways to advance and develop skills to effectively implement change. Clients improve their emotional intelligence, use of time and resources effectively, communicate better and produce larger returns on investment. Plus live better lives.

Step 1: Discover your purpose

What were you created to do? Knowing the answer to that question will make you more money, help you live a joyous life, fulfill your soul, contribute to healthy communities and a prosperous world for everyone. Through a process of self-discovery, exploration, and exercises in coaching conversations you will identify the purpose for your work, business, or the next phase of your life.

Step 2: Do you have the capacity?

Do you have the Capacity? What do you need to realize your goal? What skills, experiences, technology, talents, systems, resources, networks must you have for success? With quizzes, conversations, and exploration you recognize your assets and develop strategies to address inabilities.

Step 3: Economic engine

How will you fuel the dream? What financial structure will generate the revenue to sustain the efforts.

Step 4: Manifesting the purple spot

Through a coaching relationship you diligently work towards creating your best life. Discussions will unveil challenges, increase self-awareness, and create new behaviors and the commitment to through a coaching relation and a series of discussion and assignments.

Choose your coaching package

Tene Wells offers a variety of coaching sessions, with something for everyone. 


$125 for one session
  • A 30-minute call to discuss your aspirations /challenges and learn about coaching.
  • Access to the online visioning workshop
  • Manifestation Messages

Three 90-minute coaching sessions

$450 for Three 90 minute sessions with 1 contact between sessions
  • A 90-minute conversation with follow up exercises and readings.
  • A review of your vision
  • Access to a network of resources
  • Access to the Possibilities Matrix
  • Manifestation Messages

Six 90-minute coaching sessions

$800 for six 90 minute sessions with 3 contacts between sessions
  • A 90-minute conversation with follow up exercises and readings.
  • A review of your vision
  • Access to a network of resources
  • Access to the Possibilities Matrix
  • Manifestation Messages

Join a Manifestation Group

$800 for six 90-minute sessions
  • A monthly 90-minute small group conversation (4-7 participants)
  • A review of your vision
  • Ability to learn from and with others and grow together
  • Access to the groups network and resources
  • Manifestation Messages


Not sure how to get started?

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